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Health and Hygiene Guidelines ( Country wise)
Guidelines for planning sustainable MHH projects

  1. 1 - Technical Guides for Reusables ( Cloth)

  2. 2 - Technical Guides for Reusable ( Cups)

Hyperlinks to ESRAG , WASRAG and MCH RAG

Our Activities

To improve girls’/women’s situation of menstrual health the RAGMHH is engaging with the community to :


  1. 1 - Provide girls and women with menstrual hygiene articles of their choice:
    Menstrual cups
    Biodegradable sanitary and/or cloth napkins
    Reusable sanitary and/or cloth napkins
    These articles will be provided against payment of a small donation of an amount the woman can afford. Alternatively, it will be given for free.

  2. 2 - The project group obtains these articles by buying them from manufacturers or by creating micro-businesses of manufacturing to add the value of earning money to a village.

  3. 3 - Provide schools/villages with water supply and gender-based lavatories and take care of its maintenance

  4. 4 - Regular counselling: Provide girls/women with information about the use of these articles (pro’s and con’s of each item with regards to: health, age, reusability, environment, need of water, hours of use etc.), break taboos and educate

  5. 5 - Create awareness of this topic all over the planet to raise funds and to take action

  6. 6 - Train-the-Trainer-Programs

  7. 7 - Implement menstruation cups also in Northern America, Europe, Australia to reduce “menstrual waste” and “menstrual costs”.

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