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Capacity Building

Awareness and Advocacy

Breaking Taboos and building dialogue

Education & Counselling of Target groups

Awareness & sensitisation of impact of hygiene on personal hygiene and on environment.


Eliminating Period Poverty

Provide girls and women with menstrual hygiene articles of their choice free or subsidised : Menstrual cups, Biodegradable sanitary and/or cloth napkins, Reusable sanitary and/or cloth napkins

Economic Empowerment - through skilling . Create micro-businesses of manufacturing to add the value of earning money to a community.

Collaborate with WASH RAG

Provide schools/villages with water supply and gender-based lavatories and take care of its maintenance.

Collaborate with ESRAG

Implement menstruation cups also in Northern America, Europe, Australia to reduce “menstrual waste” and “menstrual costs”.

Active Projects